Passenger tyres

Xpert offers a wide range of premium-brand and affordable passenger tyres to suit all makes of vehicles. Choose from amongst your favourite brands such as Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone as well as affordable brands such as Apollo, Atlas and SummerStar. The Xpert promise, especially for ladies, is to offer sound advice that matches your vehicle’s requirements, and makes good financial sense. See our latest awesome tyre promotions.    

SUV and Run-flat tyres

Xpert offers premium-branded SUV tyres at competitive prices and with sound advice on the most appropriate tyre choice for your SUV based on mileage and terrain requirements. Xpert is a proud supplier of Continental and premium-brand Run-flat tyres that allows you to keep driving (at 80km/h) after a puncture, which means you never have to be stranded alone in the dark on a highway or isolated road. The re-inforced sidewalls allows you to get to your nearest Xpert tyre repair centre or make it home safely.

Wheel rotation, balancing, alignment and nitrogen

Your vehicle is freely assessed and our Xpert staff will evaluate, rotate and balance your tyres and remove the inevitable vibrations associated with mileage, potholes and general wear-and-tear. Buckled rims can be evaluated and sent for repairs on the spot. Xpert's  computerised alignment of each individual tyre using our lead-technology machines allow for correct alignment of both your tyres and steering column by our Xpert alignment specialists. Xpert believes in premium quality service for all vehicles and nitrogen top-ups are standard.